Summmon Through Fire

An alchemical drawing by
Theodoros Pelecanos, dated 1478,
which inspired the design of the book.
 The purpose of my words below is a kind of opening. A call to power. Rather than summoning the watchtowers or invoking the elements, this can be used. When you're not prone to wordy and ritualistic castings it can be very helpful to have simple words before you get to what you're actually there to do.

It calls to blood ancestors, to lifting the veil and stretching the sight. This is said as the candles are lit, as you hone your mind to task. The final line, "my hands shape the future," prepares your mind and magic to do what comes next. Whether that's an protection spell from the Romanus Buchlein, a drawing down the goddess charge, a mental work aided by flame, or merely closing your eyes and sending your will out. This is a good place to start. 

The Ouroboros is a sigil of integration of ones self and opposite nature. Devouring and consuming force which swallows you and feeds you at once. Death, and then new life, endlessly. It is also used in alchemical illustrations, where it symbolizes the circular nature of the alchemist's Great Work. The endless quest, the wide circle around one self. In this instance I particularly like it because of the blood, ancestral connections referenced in the spell. A sense that we always remain connected, and nothing is lost. What dies goes to earth, what is lost we grow strong from the absence of. We are always turning, changing, always new and always in circles around ourselves.

The Spell  This is was written by me, anyone is free to
put it in their BOS or use it personally, but do not publish it.

Translation of my script;
Summon through fire
See through smoke
In the eyes of the ancestors before me,
the blood-kin which bore me,
spirits which gave me breath.
Flame bear witness to my desire
my supplication in offering
I am open to you
a circle unbroken
speak to me, and through me
bringing the will of my design
Fates grant me this,
an accord, in magic
I craft it

my hands shape the future.

More About This Book
Please note that the text in the first image, by Theodorus, is NOT the same as the text used in my spell/book. I borrowed from the basic design of the serpent and the kind of alphabet used, nothing more. Do not mistake my spell as a translation of Theordorus's ouroboros page.
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