Morgan May

Arts and The Craft was a long procrastinated idea of mine brought to life by a moment of sudden impulsiveness. I think I should clarify myself a little, to give a better perspective on the things I write here.

I am an 

animist ,
spiritualist ,
and a

Truthfully there isn't a word that totally explains or encompasses my beliefs and practices, but Hedgewitch comes the closest. Hedgewitchery is a usually solitary path, with no creed or rule book, it is neither black nor white but fully equipped to do either. It has two main focuses. The first being knowledge, lore, and love of the land expressed through herbalism, wortcunning, and the like . This is based on animistic (natural things possess spirit) beliefs and a sense of reverence in nature. The second focus is the use of trance states, based on the belief of spiritualism (belief in soul, spirits and other worlds)

 I am a solitary practitioner with a small, supportive circle of more or less like minded fellows. I'm fond of Tarot and other oracular tools. I like using charms, symbols, sigils, staves, alphabets, and art in my castings. I like my rituals simple, earthy. My spells don't need to rhyme and sometimes have no words at all.

A lot of things in my life have been very tumultuous and changing, other things were constants; magic, writing, reading, and art. Making books began as a experiment into a new medium. I wanted to make a grimoire for myself, expand my journals into an art project themselves. Something clicked for me when I began making them. I was good at it. Inspiration was just there for me. I haven't stopped making them since.

Now we (Annie B, my business partner, and I) have an internationally selling shop and there's this prospect that I can do art full time. My obsessions are fully in use. What I really like about being a part of Ann Enchanted is how different every day is from the last. No two books are alike, each one has some new challenge. Some days I'm a sewer, others a whittler, writer, pyrographer, photographer, accountant, graphics designer, copy editor, painter. I create something and draw everyday. May this chaos never end. I love it.

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