Ritual Words

 Summon Through Fire

 A call to power. Rather than summoning the watchtowers or invoking the elements, this can be used.

Flame bear witness to my desire
my supplication in offering
I am open to you
a circle unbroken

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Seal of Samhain
Sigil and spell for crossing over and drawing wisdom and vision.

cold of the night against my back.
I roam with the spirits of this land.
Both worlds I seek, and see as one.
What I will I now become.
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Elemental draw to empower a book (or object), spell and sigil.

Excerpt: "...Will is thought of as the Magic-users greatest tool, and greatest goal. To know it truly, and to wield it masterfully." .... "My will burns as a bright flame in my heart. I am guided by light and protected by shadows and secret."
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