Grimoire Empowerment Spell

Note the flap that's tucking under the cover?
That can also rest on top. See below.

A little about this book
The lettering used on this book is an antiquated gothic script. I chose a double ringed circle seal because the old grimoires always use two. One to invoke (summon, call) through, and an outer ring to differentiate one space's purpose from another. As in, within the circle the caster has dictated a different set of rules than the ordinary world. I think of journals that way. A little written world that the owner creates to get away for a little while, or see things from a different perspective, from somewhere inside the writer's own mind.

Translation of The Circle Seal 
The lettering going around the circle reads  
(Starting at the top most point, going clockwise)
Here I invoke the earth, wind, and sea.
Into my Mind, Body, and Soul.

The lettering around the triangle reads
(Starting at the top most point, going clockwise)
The Body, The Earth
The Soul, The Water
The mind, The Air

About the Symbols:
Around the triangle are the alchemical symbols for earth, water, and air. The centre triangle is also the symbol for fire, which the front panel associated with the inner will. Often the Will is thought of as the Magic-users greatest tool and greatest goal. To know it truly, and to wield it masterfully. The corners of the book have triquetra symbols, which have many meanings. They traditionally refer to faith, and the balance and unification of anything threefold. In this instance, the elements inherent in nature.

The Spell
Here I invoke all nature to lend me strength. Here I call the earth, wind,and sea - into my mind, body, and soul. My will burns as a bright flame in my heart. I am guided by light and protected by shadows and secret.
I bind this book in these powers. May all that I write within be hallowed and ever hidden. As I wish, as it is written, so be it done. Bound here to my desire.   

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  1. This is amazing! Do you have any more?

    1. Certainly! I've been working my way up to putting actual spells on here. Now that I know someone is eager to see them I'll put up some more. Keep a look out!

      Thanks for commenting =)