Chaos Paradox Definition

 ”If you would be a real seeker after truth, 
you must at least once in your life doubt, as far as possible, all things.”
René Descartes, Discours de la Méthode, 1637
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    Paradox and contrast allow definition. Light to dark. Life to death.  A human life is a short thing. We have these tools, these minds, that reach for understanding. Animals do not ponder their existence and read history books or tell their horoscopes, they only live. What would be the point of a creature such as ourselves, if only to be a small spark of life passing fleetingly in the great yawning expanse of time? We are but a matchstick, bursting with light and life and then swept away by a wind too strong to stand against. Who ever cared about a lost match anyway, unless it was your very last one?
    When one severs their ties with their viewpoint on reality, they are left with nothing. No truth, no beliefs, no bias, they are a vacuum of receptivity for impulses. Nothing is true, it all passes through them, irrelevant. They step back and gaze at the vast Nothing and find True Will in the stillness. 
    "The Great Work is the uniting of opposites. It may mean the uniting of the soul with God, of the microcosm with the macrocosm, of the female with the male, of the ego with the non-ego." Aleister Crowley
    Assuming, of course, that the deprogramming of their mind didn't shatter them into a million pieces, each as certifiably insane as the last. Yes, perhaps it will destroy me, but maybe in the ashes I'll find center. From this vantage point one may pick and manipulate anything their Will desires because everything is permitted when nothing is true. No laws, no rules, no fixed ideas or concepts. The Self contracts and sheds its exterior.  
   "A day will come you will see a darkness so total that Nature never knows it anywhere on Earth at any time, in any place! Only the human soul can know it. And it goes on forever. And I pray that when you finally can no longer escape from it, when you realize it is all around you, that your logic and your reason give you some strength against it." Anne Rice
   I have not solved the great question, it can not be solved, the point of the Great Will is in seeking it. What is on the other side can not be known until that gate is passed through. The great mysteries can not be understood so long as we are beholden to them - as we must be until death.
    It can be difficult to do magic when you can see that all of the things which have been pinned to it are actually separate from its essence. But the essence of magic can not be grasped, it is elusive. It is defined by mystery and mystery is undefinable. So use these attachments, this lore, tools, these correspondences, as a medium through which magic is accessible, understandable.

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